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Grandpa Aang

Summary: Meelo gets a nightmare and Tenzin tells him a bedtime story.

Pairing: None, just a Meelo and Tenzin father/son moment (:

A/N: I’ve been dying to see some cute father and son bonding moments or just cute moments between either Aang and Tenzin in flashbacks Tenzin has of his childhood or Tenzin and Meelo just being super cute and adorable hjsrfyelqekllowlqksqai. so yeah

Hope you like it! (:

Meelo woke up one night with a start. He had a nightmare. He, the little kid he was, started crying loudly. He wailed loudly, but no one came to his room to check on him, not even his sister Jinora, who slept in the room across the hall. The small airbender boy walked out of his room, wiping tears off his face and sniffling, and walked into his parents’ bedroom. Meelo poked his father’s face to see if that woke him up. It didn’t.

Meelo kept trying until he finally managed to wake his father up. Tenzin’s eyes fluttered open and sat up. He rubbed his eyes and turned to his smallest child.

"Daddy, I had a bad dream." Meelo said. He still couldn’t say his R’s. He then crawled into his parents’ bed, trying not to wake up Pema, his mother. Tenzin took the small child in his arms sleepily and took him back to his bedroom.

"It was only a dream, Meelo." Tenzin said. He laid Meelo back on his bed and kissed his forehead. "It wasn’t real. Now, go back to sleep."

"Can you tell me a bedtime story, Daddy?" Meelo asked and Tenzin sat on the rocking chair near the window in Meelo’s room. Meelo got out of his bed and sat on his father’s lap. Because Tenzin was a member of the council and he had been helping Korra since she got to Republic City with both her airbending training and dealing with Amon, he couldn’t as much time with his only son as he wanted to. Sure, Meelo was extremely hyper and obnoxious, and he could get on his father’s nerves most of the time, but Meelo and Tenzin had a special connection of sorts ever since he first got to hold his first and only son.

"What story would you like me to tell you, Meelo?"

"A story about dragons that go RAWR!" Meelo roared and raised his arms to resemble a monster and Tenzin couldn’t help but laugh.

"Well, I don’t know any stories about dragons, but I can tell you a story about Grandpa Aang." Tenzin said, looking at Meelo. Meelo smiled excitedly. Meelo had never met his grandfather, nor heard much about him except what was important—that he and his friends ended the Hundred Year War when he was two years older than Jinora—, but, to him, he seemed like a nice guy.

"Well, Grandpa Aang was frozen in a ball of ice for one hundred years. Then, a girl named Katara and her brother, Sokka, found him. Do you want to know the first thing he did when he woke up?" Tenzin asked and Meelo nodded. "He and Katara went penguin sledding."

"Cool!" Meelo said happily. "Daddy, next time we go visit Gran-Gran, can we go penguin sledding? Please?" Tenzin laughed and nodded. Then, the young airbender flew out of his father’s lap happily and started dancing around his room. Tenzin couldn’t stop laughing. When Meelo returned to his father’s lap, he kept telling him stories of his father’s adventure around the world. He told Meelo about Toph, Chief Lin Beifong’s mom, and she instantly became Meelo’s favorite person of the whole story.

Sooner or later, Meelo fell asleep in his father’s arms. Tenzin put him back in his bed and kissed his forehead. Through the window in Meelo’s room, he saw the statue of his father. He swore he could see the statue smiling at him. Whether it was because he was tired, or because he was going insane, Tenzin didn’t mind. Tenzin smiled back at the statue of his father and walked back to his room.

Posted: May 23, 2012 (2 years ago)
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